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Great news! A recently published review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act has recommended that the federal government formally recognize the right to a healthy environment, the simple yet powerful idea that all Canadians deserve to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat safe food.

If implemented, these recommendations could have major benefits for all Canadians and mark a milestone toward our goal of establishing a federal environmental bill of rights.

This can only happen if we let our government know we support these recommendations!

You can help make this happen by sending a message to members of Parliament encouraging them to support these recommendations. (See the box to the right.)

If you enter your postal code, we can direct your message to your MP, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, and to the leaders of the opposition parties.

Since 2014, more than 107,000 Canadians have signed on in support of environmental rights. Volunteers have helped pass municipal resolutions across the country, and now more than 40 per cent of people in Canada live in a municipality that supports the right to a healthy environment!

It's time to take it to the next level.

We have a narrow window of opportunity to give Canadians greater control over decisions that affect the environment, by providing greater transparency and participation in environmental decision-making.


So far 13749 messages have been sent. Let's get to 20000!

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