It's time for Canada to lead the fight against climate change

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The federal government is currently making major decisions that will determine our ability (or inability) to meet Canada’s climate targets under the Paris Agreement. This is no small task. Please send this email to help encourage a truly robust national climate strategy.

We have the tools, technology, ideas, innovation and policies to meet our climate targets and to build a clean economy that will create long-term jobs throughout the country, reduce extreme weather events, improve human health and reduce boom-and-bust cycles in the energy sector.

Last year, Canada took a leadership role at the UN climate convention in Paris, pushing to hold the global rise in temperatures to well below 2 C. But, with leadership comes responsibility, and it is now up to Canada to show other nations what action looks like on the road to a carbon-free future.

People power is working! The petitions, social media, emails, phone calls to MPs, rallies, direct action, town halls and marches are getting the attention of decision makers in Ottawa. As a result, we have seen some concrete action:

  • - National price on carbon
  • - National phase-out of conventional coal power by 2030
  • - Federal investment in transit and transportation infrastructure


With this in mind, we need to keep pushing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna for more action.

The clock is ticking. We must demand bold climate action.

If you want to do more, end a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Click here to make it easy!



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Canada must show leadership on climate change
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister McKenna, In Paris you declared that when it comes to climate action, “Canada is back.” It’s time to follow through with ambitious commitments to cut carbon emissions and transition our country to a clean 21st-century economy powered by renewable energy. As you know, current global contributions to reduce emissions are not enough to limit temperature rise to safe levels. Canada must do more to show the world what is possible. I believe we should actively search for ways to exceed our current targets and to cut carbon emissions by one-third over the next decade to reduce our emissions to 35 per cent below 1990 levels. To achieve this ambitious target we must: (1) follow through on and strengthen the national price on carbon pollution, (2) eliminate fossil fuel subsidies that counteract the carbon tax, (3) phase out coal power nationally by 2026, (4) transition our energy needs to renewable power sources like wind and solar, (5) expand and electrify transit and transportation networks in Canadian cities, (6) strengthen energy-efficiency standards for vehicles, buildings and consumer products, and (7) stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, including pipelines, oil sands and fracking. These actions will provide the additional benefits of improving air quality, reducing health-care costs and diversifying our economy. The Paris Agreement marks the beginning of a new phase in global climate action. History will remember the countries that led the way to a sustainable, climate-secure future. It’s time to break with the status quo and shift the country away from fossil fuels.
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