Should Howe Sound get a national park?

Gambier National Park Proposal

(credit: Gary Fiegehen)

Howe Sound is an amazing comeback story. After decades of pollution and damage from mines, pulp and paper mills, overharvesting and a mercury-dumping chlorine manufacturing plant, the sound has started transitioning back to an ecologically diverse green and blue belt teeming with life.

But while herring, dolphins, salmon and whales are returning to Howe Sound, planning for more industrial and residential developments is well underway. With more than a dozen new projects on the horizon, it is essential to discuss how to plan a balanced future for the region.

Your voice matters! Sign the petition calling for Parks Canada to launch a feasibility study for a national park on Gambier Island.

The David Suzuki Foundation has convened meetings and listened to communities such as West Vancouver, Gambier Island, Squamish, Bowen Island and Gibsons. There’s one recommendation we’re hearing loud and clear: Many people are ready to consider what a Gambier Island–based national park could do for the beautiful, world-class Sea to Sky area. We’ve heard how important Howe Sound is to residents throughout the region.

It’s time to take it one step further and support the call for a feasibility study for a national park on Gambier Island’s lands and waters.

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I support the David Suzuki Foundation’s call for Parks Canada to initiate a feasibility study to consider a new land/marine park on Gambier Island.

Parks Canada launches a comprehensive feasibility study as the first step towards creating a park. The study involves community engagement and produces a detailed analysis of the new location, which includes history, ecosystems, archaeology, resource extraction and more. After this step, the conversation will turn to whether or not a park makes sense for the community.

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