Protect our Great Bear Sea

Canada’s Great Bear Sea is one the richest marine ecosystems left on Earth. It is an ecological treasure, on par with the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest. It provides hundreds of jobs in coastal communities through fishing and tourism, and yet it is almost completely unprotected.

Overfishing, oil spills and other pollution are just some of the threats the Great Bear Sea currently faces that could be protected against with smart planning.

The good news is the B.C. government, First Nations and their partners are already working on a comprehensive management plan. The bad news is the government is facing enormous pressure from industry lobbyists, and this plan may never see the light of day.

This is where you come in.

We need your help to make sure British Columbia's government knows thousands of us want the Great Bear Sea kept pristine and healthy for generations to come.

Why is the Great Bear Sea so vital?

Stretching from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaskan border, the Great Bear Sea is home to an incredible bounty of marine life — including humpback whales, sea otters, dozens of other mammals, and hundreds of species of fish.

But this is not just about saving the wildlife. The ocean generates half of the oxygen we breathe and plays a major role in stabilizing the climate. The health of our ocean has huge consequences for us and our children.

How is the Great Bear Sea at risk?

In total, just three per cent of Canada’s Pacific waters have any kind of marine protection. This is especially worrying in light of cutbacks to environmental regulations and government support for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. With the threat of supertankers plying the treacherous waters of the North Coast, safeguarding marine life is more important than ever.

The recent Mt. Polley tailings spill has shown what can happen when government regulations protecting our environment are weakened. Let's protect our coastal waters before disaster strikes.

How can we save the Great Bear Sea?

1) We need a plan.

We need to regulate, monitor and protect the Great Bear Sea.

Fortunately, a conservation and management plan will be ready by October 30. This plan will create zones for wildlife and ecosystem protection, and for ecotourism, renewable energy, fishing, and other commercial uses.

The plan was made in partnership between the B.C. government, First Nations and coastal communities, and would be a major first step to preserving the Great Bear Sea for generations to come.

2) We need our government to commit to that plan.

Although the plan is almost complete, our government has no plan to follow through. Meanwhile, special interest groups are in backrooms pressuring politicians to shelve it.

3) We need your help and we need to act now.

Together, we can send clear message to political leaders to counter lobbyist pressure, telling them to act on the plan to save The Great Bear Sea.

Here’s how you can help

1) Sign the petition and tell everyone — Let's seize this pivotal moment by showing the government that thousands of us care and are paying attention.

2) Share this Facebook graphic or tweet with your friends to help spread the word. Send this tweet or create your own. Use the #GreatBearSea hashtag with all your online sharing.

3) Watch this video and share it with your friends.

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