Pledge to eat for healthy oceans

How can choosing ocean-friendly seafood get any easier?
Join seafood-lovers across the country and pledge to choose only ocean-friendly seafood options. There are several tools that we have developed with our SeaChoice partners to help you decide which seafood is most sustainable.

  • SeaChoice seafood rankings are searchable online. Buy 'SeaChoice Best Choice' seafood when possible.
  • Download the SeaChoice iPhone app to search on the go.
  • Download our Pocket Seafood Guide or pick up printed copies at any David Suzuki Foundation seafood event. French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese translations are available as well.
  • Download our Sushi Guide to figure out the sustainability of your favourite sushi items.
  • Our Seafood page has the latest blogs, recipes and videos.
  • The Recipe Archive has many delicious ideas to get you inspired.

Choosing ocean-friendly seafood each time you purchase seafood is an easy and effective step towards ensuring healthier oceans for generations to come. Whether you are an individual who shops for your family, a customer at a restaurant, a chef who offers seafood on your menu, or a supplier sourcing from fishing communities, your choices matter. Voting with your wallet sends a strong signal to government and business leaders, telling them that you support responsible stewardship of our oceans.

Take the pledge further and ask your fish store or server about the seafood they sell. Let them know you want to buy products obtained from ocean-friendly sources.

(Photo credits, top to bottom: Karianne Blank, Woodley Wonder Works via Flickr, Heidi Hudson, Taz via Flickr)

Join the 11120 Canadians who have pledged to eat for healthy oceans and pass this pledge on to your friends and family to help spread the commitment. Let's get to 12500 pledges!

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