Ask your MP to support the right to healthy environment

We have a narrow window in which to secure environmental rights for all Canadians, but it's closing fast!

In response to a review of Canada's primary law on pollution and toxics: the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, government has agreed that "changes are needed to modernize and improve CEPA" and that it intends to report back on progress by June 2018

If implemented, these recommendations could have major benefits for all Canadians, including recognizing the right to a healthy environment.

This can only happen if we let our government know we support these recommendations!

But we are concerned that if these changes are delayed much further they may not happen before the next election.

You can help ensure government sticks by these commitments by sending a message to members of Parliament encouraging them to support the implementation of these recommendations. (See the box to the right.)

If you enter your postal code, we can direct your message to your MP, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and leaders of opposition parties.


So far 18458 messages have been sent. Let's get to 20000!

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