Support North America’s first regulatory restrictions on neonics!

Thanks to the more than 12,000 concerned Canadians that submitted comments supporting North America's first regulatory restrictions on neonics, we are hopeful that the regulations (to be finalized in July) will meet our expectations.

Of course, there is still room for improvements! Our three main points of recommendation on Ontario's proposed plan were:
1. Instead of targeting just three common neonics on corn and soybean seeds, restrictions should extend to all neonics and other systemic pesticides.
2. Independent, third-party evaluations of pest threats to qualify Ontario farmers for “infestation” exemptions should be required in all parts of the province by 2017, instead of waiting until 2020. Independent evaluation should be required every year, not just every three years as proposed.
3. The draft regulations will require seed vendors to submit annual reports on sales of treated seeds to government, but there is no obligation for the government to make this information public, to improve accountability and allow tracking of progress towards the 80 per cent reduction target.

You can still send a message to our federal and provincial government leaders to demand that existing neonicotinoid pesticides are banned in Canada.

For information on other actions you can take, please visit our website.