Climate leaders don’t expand pipelines

Kinder Morgan protest rally

(Credit: Trevor Leach)

The federal government approved the Kinder Morgan and Line 3 pipeline expansions. Here are four reasons we want them to rethink their position that strong climate action can happen alongside fossil fuel infrastructure expansion:

  1. Climate Canada can’t meet its Paris commitments and expand fossil fuel infrastructure — such as building the Kinder Morgan pipeline — at the same time.
  2. No social licence Twenty-one municipalities, 59 First Nations, 91 per cent of people surveyed at town halls, and 210,000 petition signers say no. Approval runs roughshod over Indigenous rights.
  3. Environmental damage Tanker and barge traffic would increase sevenfold (up to 408 tankers a year), making bitumen spills more risky near heavily populated areas.
  4. Orca extinction Approval could push the already fragile population of 76 resident orcas on B.C.’s south coast to extinction.

Say no to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Say yes to saving killer whales, managing our oceans to protect species and communities, and transitioning to renewable energy. This is the future hundreds of thousands speaking against the Kinder Morgan pipeline want.

It’s not too late for federal government to rethink its approval of this pipeline and to walk its climate action talk.


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Approving Kinder Morgan pipeline is a blow for climate and oceans
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